Wednesday, 17 September 2014

10 Atheist Quotes Demolished

Atheists are very fond of quoting their leaders.Their quotes are taken as absolute truths,without question and regurgitated verbatim in discussions.I will attempt to analyze some of the more well known quotes to see if it adheres to logic and/or validated by scientific evidence.

1.Sam Harris:"There is no society in human history that ever suffered because its people became too reasonable"
This quote is used in response to the connection between Communism and Atheism  in a futile attempt to disjoin the two.In other words,Communists were not true Atheists because they were not reasonable enough.Besides the No true Scotsman logical fallacy at play, Harris is forgetting that Communism did not magically appear out of nowhere.It is a deliberate,purposive and systematic Atheist invention,and its ramifications proved without a doubt that Atheists can be as unreasonable as they can be brutal.

2.Christopher Hitchens:"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"
Also known as Hitchen's Razor.It is not one of the recognized principles of logic,it's only an Atheist principle which fails prima facie because it violates its own condition by failing to present evidence for its supposed truth yet demands evidence from others.Besides failing to meet its own criteria and being a paradox,Hitchen's Razor is also a tu quoque fallacy."I don't need evidence because you also don't have evidence" is what Hitchen's Razor is protesting.

3.Patton Oswald:"...Look, you have to acknowledge everyone’s beliefs, and then you have to reserve the right to go: “That is fucking stupid..."
Not only has Oswald exposed his inability to use logic but also his poor grasp of the English language.To acknowledge someone's belief and then to disparage it, is a contradiction.Both cannot be true simultaneously.
The dictionary defines acknowledgement as accepting something as valid.Yet this Atheist insults and rejects something he has already recognized as truth.Where is the logic in that?

4.Richard Dawkins:There may be fairies at the bottom of the garden. ... you can't prove that there aren't any, so shouldn't we be agnostic with respect to fairies?”
 There are a number of similar gambits on the web by other Atheists such as Russell's teapot,Sagan's dragon,Flying Spaghetti Monster,Bigfoot,etc. They all serve the same purpose and that is to make the theist's position seem as ridiculous as possible,and by contrast the Atheist's position will appear to be the more reasonable one.Instead of using rational argumentation,the Atheist resorts to Weak Analogies, False Comparisons and Straw Men to reach his objective.
Here's why Analogies and Comparisons are not substitutes for evidence and good reasoning:
(i) Analogies can only help to make one's point easier to understand,beyond that they hold no explanatory power nor evidence.
(ii)Comparisons are supposed to highlight the similarities between subjects.In the case of God and Russell's Teapot,it is only that both are not proven under laboratory conditions,beyond that they have no similarities.Comparisons and analogies are always false,some fail sooner than others.To insist that God (a non-physical being) must be proven to be physical using instrumentation that are meant for material purposes only,is committing a Category Error Fallacy
 (iii) By using ridiculous analogies and comparisons,the Atheist is attempting to make the opposition's argument easier to attack and is therefore guilty of attacking a Straw Man,since there are more plausible arguments available to defend the belief in God.

5.Sam Harris: "Atheism is a religion just like not collecting stamps is a hobby"
Atheists are not without beliefs,in fact they are dogmatic about their fasle beliefs and erect monuments to commemorate them.They prosyletize,write anti-religious books,hold conferences across the globe and even hold award ceremonies.The same can't be said for non-stamp collecting.Are there any non-stamp collecting monuments,award ceremonies or summer camps?And do non-stamp collectors try to rid the world of stamp collecting?Like all analogies this one is false too and fails right at the get go.

6.Carl Sagan:"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"
First of all,there's no scientific evidence nor principle of logic that supports this claim.So it is self-refuting.Secondly,the term "extraordinary" is subjective.What seems ordinary to one may seem extraordinary to the next. Lastly,this is also a tool for Atheists to freely raise the bar at anytime their standards have been met and state;"well that evidence was not extraordinary enough for me" or "I'm not convinced yet". So it is merely a shady tactic where the exact standard of evidence has not been stated

7.Delos B Mckown:“The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.” 
This quote is not very specific,the assertion is broad so I have little choice but to interpret it literally and I'm justified in doing so, since Atheists tend to interpret Theist terminologies literally.
According to the literal interpretation of this quote gravity,electromagnetic,weak and strong nuclear forces do not exist because they're invisible.Now the Atheist will object and say they're still detectable.Sure,but the quote should have specified that only  both invisible and detectable forces are excluded.Let's go another step further.Then there are other invisible particles such as axions,squarks and photinos at the subatomic level which are neither detectable nor visible.As well as the "very special" type of Dark Matter,known as Cold Dark Matter, it's invisible,undetected,unknown and its prediction of hundreds of tiny satellite galaxies surrounding big galaxies are inaccurate.Yet physicists believe they exist because they have good reason to.
Likewise, people believe in God,soul,afterlife,etc. because they have very good personal reasons to believe them,despite being invisible and not physically demonstrable.

8.Gustaf Lindborg:"The sailor does not pray for wind, he learns to sail."
There are a number of variations implying the same thing - Theists waste their time praying instead of performing action.It's of course based on a caricture of prayer,which Atheists deliberately misconstrue.
To an Atheist prayer is a substitute for action.To the Theist,prayer is aligning one's thoughts and will with the Highest Good.Prayer and meditation is helpful for distinguishing moral action from impulsive action.
Atheists would have us believe that prayer incapacitates people,when in fact it motivates and inspires right moral action that may otherwise have been action based on mere instinct or emotion.

9.Ernest Hemingway:"All thinking men are atheists"
(All P's are Q's)  It's a categorical assertion and the first premise of an Universal Syllogism or Predicate Instantiation,of which the second premise and conclusion are missing.The presupposition is ; No Theists are thinking men.Hemingway asserts that all members of subset P are members of set Q ,but failed to demonstrate that with a complete deductive argument,so it is both invalid and unsound.
In Math and Logic,to disprove a universal statement it's enough to find one counter example.One particular case contradicting the statement falsifies it.So here's about twenty counter examples of  thinking Theists:
Max Planck                                                 Nicholas Copernicus
George Lemaitre                                          Galileo Galilei
Gregor Mendel                                            Rene Descartes
William Thomson Kelvin                              Sir Isaac Newton
Michael Faraday                                         William of Ockham
Brian Josephson                                          Gottfried Leibniz
Robert Boyle                                              Antoine Lavoisier
Blaise Pascal                                               Thomas Bayes
Sir Francis Bacon                                        Louis Pasteur
Johannes Kepler                                          Joseph Murray

10.Victor Stenger:"Science flies men to the moon, religion flies men into buildings.” 
Stenger's lumping of all religions on equal footing is dishonest,false and an attempt to smear other religions with the crimes perpetrated by muslims.Islam's conjunction with terrorism is endemic only to that particular religion.No other Theist group in the history of aviation has ever flown an aircraft into a building as an act of religious extremism,except muslims.The Apollo 11 crew of 1969 that saw the first men on the moon consisted of three believers in God (two Christian Theists and one Deist).Buzz Aldrin performed a communion prayer from the New Testament with his crew prior to stepping out of the lunar module.Yet the intention to use the spacecraft as a weapon of mass destruction never crossed any of the astronauts minds.The same applies to the inventors of the first successful airplane.The Wright Brothers were sons of a Bishop and were nominal Protestants themselves,often involved in religious activities but were never inspired to fly their inventions into buildings.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

10 Most Common Atheist Lies

1.There's no connection between Communism and Atheism
Firstly,Communism was invented by atheists (Marx and Engel)[1][2],thus making it a subcategory of atheism.Secondly,self- professed atheist leaders of communist regimes like Stalin,Lenin et al were actively promoting Dialectal Materialism,which is explicitly atheistic[3].Lastly,the Antireligious Museum of the Soviet Union was the main centre for atheist propoganda and is testimony to the preferred belief system of that regime.
[I refer to atheism as a belief system because it's purely faith-based,unsupported by either logic or evidence]

2.Communists did not kill in the name of atheism
After showing atheists the overwhelming evidence for the correlation between atheism and communism,they will concede but with some reservation and retort their favorite mantra of..."yes,but they did not kill in the name of atheism".This mantra is nothing but word games which atheists are very fond of playing.
To kill in the name of a cause simply means to advance a particular cause through bloodshed,be it religious or political.Why should atheists be exempted from this charge?

3.North Korea is not an Atheist nation
 I really don't blame atheists for wanting to reject North Korea,since it has one of the worst (if not the worst) ongoing Human Rights violations.The list of HR violations include infanticide,genocide,censorship and forced labor[4].But is this rejection warranted or is it merely through embarrassment?
The atheist's usual deceptive ploy is to show a clip on You Tube of a small group of people worshipping their leader and thus religion gets the blame.Firstly,what a small group of people do is not representative of the population as a whole.In the States for example,there's a tiny minority of Jedi worshippers.Does this mean all of America  adhere to Jediism?Of course not,especially when there's a plethora of objective statistics and reports validating a predominantly atheist/irreligious North Korea[5][6][7][8][9][10].
The atheist is also committing a fallacy of hasty generalization where the  conclusion is drawn from a small sample size,rather than looking at the broader population.Be sure to check the reference section below.

4.We are all born atheists
Also known as the default position.In other words,because no one is born with memories or knowledge of God therefore atheism is the default position.Lack of memory is due to an unawareness of knowledge and in infants it is due to the fact that the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus and the frontal components of the neural network are not fully developed .And lack of knowledge is ignorance.Here the atheist has equated his own position with ignorance,but instead of being abashed at this state of benightedness,the atheist proudly displays and even celebrates his ignorance in public.

5.Galileo,Copernicus,Descartes,et al were closet atheists
Atheist sites are littered with claims of famous theist scientists,philosophers and mathematicians who have made significant contributions to their respective fields as being closet atheists.This is of course wishful thinking and the onus is on the claimant to substantiate this pretence.One of the main reasons atheists refer to those brilliant minds,such as Galilieo,Copernicus,Descartes,Kant,Newton and Bacon as closet atheists is to disparage theism and dualism as much as possible by distancing any and all influential intellectuals from being associated with God and maintaining an 'intellectual superiority' exclusively reserved for atheists.Einstein,for example,was an ex-atheist turned Deist,yet atheist sites still celebrate Einsten as an atheist,which is both intellectually dishonest as well as historically fraudulent.And no,Deism is not a similar to atheism,which is another lie perpetuated by atheists and an attempt to appropriate intellectuals for atheist validation.Deists believe the design of the universe presupposes a Designer[11].

6.Atheists have never killed scientists
The Lysenko period during Soviet rule saw Stalin impose a 16 year terror on many scientists.They were imprisoned,tortured and murdered for endorsing Mendelian genetics[12].The politcal view of that era regarded Mendelian genetics as a threat to the atheistic philosophy of Determinism.Stalin was also appalled that a priest was the founder and felt it could undermine the efforts of the antireligious campaigns[13].Albanian communists too had their share of  intellectual theists murdered,as it was feared they posed a threat to the regime's ideological views[14]
But the worst terror inflicted upon intellectuals came from Pol Pot's Khmr Rouge.The militant atheist had all intellectuals as well as people who could read and write and those who wore glasses executed because he thought it made them look smart[15][16].

7.Atheists are good without God
This is another favorite atheist mantra that's spouted so often,it deserves to be examined.The unstated assumptions of this mantra is that atheism is in possession of moral precepts which allow atheists to judge whether behaviors are good or bad.For an atheist to be 'good without God', his moral principles must first meet certain requirements that are consistent with his overall belief system.Since atheists claim science and logic as the only acceptable disciplines for acquiring knowledge,all assertions by the atheist must meet these criterias.Failure to produce any scientific evidence for atheist morality, means atheism is a moral void and all ethical codes have been appropriated from theists:
(i) First and foremost,atheist moral principles must be exhibited by reference to laws of nature.They must be quantifiable,empirical,falsifiable and independently replicable.
(ii)They must be logically coherent.Atheists must rationally demonstrate how morality can exist without free will,according to the doctrine of determinism.
(iii)Lastly,atheist morality must be universal,objective and unconditioned.That is,they must be true and applicable to all people at all times and in all circumstances.

8.Ridicule does refute theist arguments
This tactic is encouraged by all atheist intellectuals,celebs and blog owners.It is passed off as a method of logic,valid for refuting theist propositions.
Here are some problems with using ridicule:
(a)Not a single logic textbook prescribes the use of ridicule as constituting good reasoning.As a matter of fact,ridicule violates a number of logic principles - namely,the Principle of Charitable Interpretation;which requires the arguer to interpret the opposition's views in the best possible light.The consequence of violatng this principle leads to the arguer attacking a straw man or caricature of the opponent's actual position,when in fact there are stronger arguments available.
(b)Ridicule is also a form of bullying,where the atheist believes his position is superior and attempts to defeat his opponent with shame and humiliation by using false comparisons and analogies instead of factual arguments and correct reasoning.
(c)By substituting ridicule for actual deductive reasoning,the atheist has exposed his lack of comprehension for the discipline of logic and disdain for truth.

9.Only Atheists are skeptical
Once again,the atheist has placed himself in a position of superior intellect and gallantry.Unlike theists, who will believe anything,only the atheist dares to question.
But the fact of the matter is,everyone is skeptical to a certain degree and everyone has faith and certitude.The difference between rational theists and atheists is,the former admits his true position on certain subjects while the latter remains in denial,much like dogmatic theists.Atheists don't question their beliefs in pseudo-scientific hypotheses.(as we shall soon see below in lie no.10)
Claiming skepticism as an only valid method for discovery is nothing to be proud of because it can't lead to knowledge which requires some certainty.Excessive skepticism leads to pathological skepticism.

10.Atheist beliefs are verified by scientific facts
So what exactly do atheists believe,besides their rejection of God and are those beliefs really empirically verifiable?Atheists hold numerous unproven beliefs but I'll list the 4 most common below:
(i)Atheists believe humans don't have free will,it's an illusion.This stems from the philosophical concepts of determinism.All human actions are predetermined by prior arrangements of particles.There have been some experiments,such as Libet et al but they've been adequately refuted by other dualists ,as the data has been highly extrapolated to match a priori conclusions of the materialist[17].
(ii)Atheists believe consciousness is an illusion and cannot exert any causal influence.All mental activity is reducible to the material and the mind is commonly equated with a machine.Another irrational unproven assumption,when the evidence from neurobiology shows that mind is able to affect matter.[18][19].
(iii)Atheists believe in the immaculate conception of the universe.That is,the universe was born out of nothing.Yet the atheist has failed to show any examples of something being created from non-existence.Instead,the atheist has resorted to redefining nothing as meaning the quantum vacuum but even that has shown to be merely fallacious.
(iv)Atheists believe in the miracle of abiogenesis.Life was born from minerals in a chemical soup.There has been no empirical evidence to date supporting this superstition garbed in scientific language.

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